Entry: hahahaha!! i'mmm backkkk~ Sunday, October 02, 2005

its been awhile since i've written in this damned blog.. hmm... i hope those guys who 'harass' my blog is long gone..  so many things has/have been going on around me.. for instance, i've got my O lvl exmas coming in just a few short weeks.. den got my ITE exams.. the fasting month is also around the corner, another 3-4 days i guess.. then i'll hv enough money to buy a bunch of metal bands t-shirts, n hopefully a pair of nike free shoes... jus last friday, had a guys day out, just me and my frens.. we disturbed people la.. take funny pics la.. and i found $5 on the floor!! i noe, it's just $5, but it is still money rite? at first, it was only me, matin n wan, we go penin, wan bought a camo pants while a buy a pentagram t-shirt... den we go BK to eat, wait for alip n Is there.. den go to esplanade, hoping to see some 'chicks' but found none as it is just 2 pm.. so we heard to orchard where alip n Is disturbed dis guy in the train.. at first, i find it amusing.. den i started to feel that the guy's patience is growing thin...
den, wait for khai at orchard mrt for at least 30-45 mins.. we den go to HMV, den walk all the way frm there  to far east den go to cineleisure where all of us releks after the 'long journey', in the middle of the journey to cinleisure, Is hv to go home.. we discuss whether wanna go play pool or not.. after we all agreed, we started to walk frm cineleisure to paradigm near plaza singapura, that's where i found the $5.. we played pool... i lost 2 match but won 2 match.. den we go home.. in the train, we joke2 all the way.. it is a fun day.. hope to do like that again..


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