Entry: too damn tired! Saturday, April 09, 2005

well, today, i felt a lil tired , maybe becos of the hectic schedule i've had dis morning or the three-days playing soccer? i dun noe.. i'm out of my house at around 0935, go to Lot 1 to meet Darin, my SC president, and Fahmi, my SC fren for an SC meeting. there, i can't find Darin anywhere, so i called him and he said to meet him at Bukit Panjang Plaza.. again, we( me and fahmi ) couldn't find him, i called again, dis time he ask us to go to Senja.. i was like ' wah lau, after lot 1, bukt panjang plaza, now to senja?', but he said that he will be sending someone to fetch us.. so we waited.. and waited for 45 minutes.. no one came.. so, we decided to 'blah' from there.. i called Darin to tell him, we won't be meeting him..  so Fahmi, went to Lot 1 to enjoy himself at X-zone, while i went to my secondary skool for speech day.. i reached at my skool around 1145, 15 minutes after they've open ceremony... there, i met my skool frens.. many seems to find me either fat or fit..hmm.. well, i had lots of fun there.. den i had my lunch and off i went to Bukit Merah for my O LEVEL  PRACTICAL ( I'VE BOLD IT, IN CASE SOMEONE THOUGHT I'M JUST AN ITE STUDENT AND NOT, BOTH AN ITE STUDENT AND AN 'O' LEVEL TAKER)  after doing the practical, my father ask me to buy spring chicken at the pioneer mall, walked home from there with a gulp in one hand and a cup of mushroom soup in the other.. got home.. watched some tv and surf the net.. and dissing some bastard who tinks he is too smart...


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