Entry: wah.. so damn tired!! Thursday, April 07, 2005

well, today is the third i've been playing 'street' soccer near the co-op shop... and today, it's classmates against classmates.. chinese versus malay( no racist acts are done ).. well, lucky we've got enuf malay guys to play wif.. me, khai, wan, matin, aliff.. we played our hearts out.. that is until we've been playing for about 30 minutes.. we got tired running here and there trying to shoot at the best possible goal post - the dustbin. the chinese seems to know how to play soccer, especially Brent. what i heard is that he is a player at Gombak. well, in the end, the chinese won partly due to our exhaustion.. 2dae is so damn hot, my under shirt is wet from all the perspiration.. luckily, after the "match", we have lab.. ah.. air-con.. hehehe... den, we played a lil passing during a short break.. near our lab at the 3rd floor! we hit a couple of doors, walls, and nearly got the ball thrown down.. well, balls are balls, as round as they are, we can't stop them from falling.. hmm... did i just wrote something crappy? shit! my presciption pills must be in effect.. well, i guess i'll be stopping here before i wrote anything crappy to embarrass my self more..hehehe..


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