Entry: No use to name the entry Sunday, March 20, 2005

Well, just wanna write for the sake of me....hahaha.. crazy aren't i? yesterday is the first time of the year a fren riding in my dad's car ( or it should be called mom's car? i dunno..)  to the bukit merah BMC for the science practical.. hmm... actually this entry isn't about my fren riding the family's car.. but just a statement which I would like to make... "SLY" is a rock poser and Taufik Batisah is a wannabe!! hahaha!! do you tink that "SLY" singing 'we will rock you', he's a rock kind of person? NO! have you heard of a boyband named 5ive? well, they too sing 'we will rock you'!! while, " Aaaah Taufik oooh Taufik " he's a wannabe.. can't people see? yes, he could be "singing" well.. but the way he dresses up, you could see, he just copies what Usher wears.. So for the last time in this entry.. "SLY" IS A ROCK POSER AND TAUFIK BATISAH IS A WANNABE!!!


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