Entry: nuthing to do!! Friday, March 18, 2005

Yes!!! At last, at your freaking faces, primary/ secondary skool students!! it's the big boy's holidays! well, it is the holidays, but i still do hv to go to my nite classes.. and i do hv plans for the holidays.. i hv a 2 day leadership camp at buona vista.. den on thursdae, i will be going to penin to buy myself Gods Of Metal 2!! shocking ain't it? no? ok.. den, i'll be going to the movies with me cuzzin at orchard cineleisure.. after that i'll be going home.. hehehe... ah.. enjoying my holidays without any immature people (get a life!)/ culture posers ( fuck them upside down!)/ mat reps (who tink they are big  but in real life they just hv small balls, ahahaha)  or minah reps ( who tink they are so beee- u- tee- fool!!) in primary/ secondary.. well, 2 dae, i accompany my fren,wan, to see his gerl at bugis! not that i'm complaining but i get bored easily as his gerl brought  a couple of frens, and none of them seemed to know i am there!! so i just bring out my Mp3 player, and hear whatever songs in it, just to pass the time..  well, my frens gerl, seems to be quite shy, she doesn't spoke much, and wan started to get quite agitated, i try to calm him down though as 2dae seemed to be his unlucky day... i will not give any details to his unlucky day though.. well, after his gerl went to skool for her CCA, we went to the Jurong Library and then we went home..


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