Entry: to fall in love or forget it? Thursday, March 17, 2005

i just watched 'chase' at channel 5, well, it just brought me back avid memories of rejection by gerls.. for once, it is a show i can relate to except that it is in a workplace and mine is at school.. since i joined ITE, there are gerls that i wanna 'have'.. but because of this show, i started to tink twice.. whether to 'chase' them or just wait till i work.. two of frens now are hving gerlfrens.. and i felt like i want one too..but bcos of my commitments to O levels and ITE.. how am i gonna hv time to get one? nowadays, i felt like a strong liking of somebody in my class, but i can't tell who, in case one of my frens suddenly come across this blog, and then i'm gonna be dead... as for my secret crush wit someone in SC, well, i felt that she ain't the rite type for me..


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