Entry: sori!! so veri2 sori!! Saturday, March 05, 2005

OK now, i apologise for not writing this damn blog for a long time.. my reason? well, i am now a private O level student studying english, maths , science and malay during the nite.. sound tiring rite, well, it is tiring.. but it will worth it once i get my O level cert.. well, in ITE, I joined 2 cca, guitar club and student council.. want to join soccer, but bcos of my hectic schedule, i had to postponed on joining the cca next year.. i still do go to my old secondary skool cos i study malay there once every week on friday( the reason i can't soccer this year).. still meet my friends from my secondary skool, though some are unable to make contact...hehehe... well, i would like to wish all whom i know good luck in whatever you're doing!!


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