Why is it that anything great that comes in my life always gets taken away????

Sunday, October 02, 2005
hahahaha!! i'mmm backkkk~

its been awhile since i've written in this damned blog.. hmm... i hope those guys who 'harass' my blog is long gone..  so many things has/have been going on around me.. for instance, i've got my O lvl exmas coming in just a few short weeks.. den got my ITE exams.. the fasting month is also around the corner, another 3-4 days i guess.. then i'll hv enough money to buy a bunch of metal bands t-shirts, n hopefully a pair of nike free shoes... jus last friday, had a guys day out, just me and my frens.. we disturbed people la.. take funny pics la.. and i found $5 on the floor!! i noe, it's just $5, but it is still money rite? at first, it was only me, matin n wan, we go penin, wan bought a camo pants while a buy a pentagram t-shirt... den we go BK to eat, wait for alip n Is there.. den go to esplanade, hoping to see some 'chicks' but found none as it is just 2 pm.. so we heard to orchard where alip n Is disturbed dis guy in the train.. at first, i find it amusing.. den i started to feel that the guy's patience is growing thin...
den, wait for khai at orchard mrt for at least 30-45 mins.. we den go to HMV, den walk all the way frm there  to far east den go to cineleisure where all of us releks after the 'long journey', in the middle of the journey to cinleisure, Is hv to go home.. we discuss whether wanna go play pool or not.. after we all agreed, we started to walk frm cineleisure to paradigm near plaza singapura, that's where i found the $5.. we played pool... i lost 2 match but won 2 match.. den we go home.. in the train, we joke2 all the way.. it is a fun day.. hope to do like that again..

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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Test, Test, Test!! Argh!! my brain gonna explode!

hiya! for this past weeks.. my class have almost sat through 4 tests.. 2 practical tests and 2 theory tests..  and it ain't easy.. especially th epracticals.. and 2morow i've got another one! this time it is much more harder!!  argh... my head is gonna blow up.. well.. i guess, dis is the kind of problem that teenagers who takes O level and ITE at the same time.... (sigh)..

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Saturday, April 09, 2005
too damn tired!

well, today, i felt a lil tired , maybe becos of the hectic schedule i've had dis morning or the three-days playing soccer? i dun noe.. i'm out of my house at around 0935, go to Lot 1 to meet Darin, my SC president, and Fahmi, my SC fren for an SC meeting. there, i can't find Darin anywhere, so i called him and he said to meet him at Bukit Panjang Plaza.. again, we( me and fahmi ) couldn't find him, i called again, dis time he ask us to go to Senja.. i was like ' wah lau, after lot 1, bukt panjang plaza, now to senja?', but he said that he will be sending someone to fetch us.. so we waited.. and waited for 45 minutes.. no one came.. so, we decided to 'blah' from there.. i called Darin to tell him, we won't be meeting him..  so Fahmi, went to Lot 1 to enjoy himself at X-zone, while i went to my secondary skool for speech day.. i reached at my skool around 1145, 15 minutes after they've open ceremony... there, i met my skool frens.. many seems to find me either fat or fit..hmm.. well, i had lots of fun there.. den i had my lunch and off i went to Bukit Merah for my O LEVEL  PRACTICAL ( I'VE BOLD IT, IN CASE SOMEONE THOUGHT I'M JUST AN ITE STUDENT AND NOT, BOTH AN ITE STUDENT AND AN 'O' LEVEL TAKER)  after doing the practical, my father ask me to buy spring chicken at the pioneer mall, walked home from there with a gulp in one hand and a cup of mushroom soup in the other.. got home.. watched some tv and surf the net.. and dissing some bastard who tinks he is too smart...

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Thursday, April 07, 2005
wah.. so damn tired!!

well, today is the third i've been playing 'street' soccer near the co-op shop... and today, it's classmates against classmates.. chinese versus malay( no racist acts are done ).. well, lucky we've got enuf malay guys to play wif.. me, khai, wan, matin, aliff.. we played our hearts out.. that is until we've been playing for about 30 minutes.. we got tired running here and there trying to shoot at the best possible goal post - the dustbin. the chinese seems to know how to play soccer, especially Brent. what i heard is that he is a player at Gombak. well, in the end, the chinese won partly due to our exhaustion.. 2dae is so damn hot, my under shirt is wet from all the perspiration.. luckily, after the "match", we have lab.. ah.. air-con.. hehehe... den, we played a lil passing during a short break.. near our lab at the 3rd floor! we hit a couple of doors, walls, and nearly got the ball thrown down.. well, balls are balls, as round as they are, we can't stop them from falling.. hmm... did i just wrote something crappy? shit! my presciption pills must be in effect.. well, i guess i'll be stopping here before i wrote anything crappy to embarrass my self more..hehehe..

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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Stressed O lvl takers? who is more stressed? me or you?

You know, i've heard almost everywhere.. 'oh, man, i've failed my math! i hv so much stress!! feel like jumping down!!' by O/N lvl students from secondary school.. well, for a bunch of teenagers who are "trying very hard" to keep focus on secondary school, u guys just sucked bad! My private O level classes, are the ones who doesn't hv much time, and much knowledge, are better than you guys.. yes we only have one session per week for 2.5 hours.. do you tink it's enuf for you guys who hv a whole week to ask ur teachers, get familiarise the formulas, yet you guys are the ones who are feeling stressed out.. i just can't help it but to criticise those who feel that they lead a stressful secondary life.. my class is full of people who are working... from a kindergarten teacher to a poly student... me and a few others are the youngest in class.. yet, i didn't hear them whining about stress and all those crap that you guys gave excuses to yourselves, it just goes to show that secondary students like to excuse themselves from thinking outside the box.. i heard from my niece that her fren has been feeling stressful.. i just happily told her, tell that fren of hers or anybody who tinks that they have a stressful life about me.. i have my ITE studies and my private O level classes to attend to.. plus i hv my CCAs which takes up most of my spare time and i still hangs out with my frens & family.. so there should be no excuse for O/N lvl students to feel stressful than me...

Note: If there is any disagreement about the above entry, please don't hesitate to write it in the tagboard, or email me at: hilmi_44564@yahoo.com.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
No use to name the entry

Well, just wanna write for the sake of me....hahaha.. crazy aren't i? yesterday is the first time of the year a fren riding in my dad's car ( or it should be called mom's car? i dunno..)  to the bukit merah BMC for the science practical.. hmm... actually this entry isn't about my fren riding the family's car.. but just a statement which I would like to make... "SLY" is a rock poser and Taufik Batisah is a wannabe!! hahaha!! do you tink that "SLY" singing 'we will rock you', he's a rock kind of person? NO! have you heard of a boyband named 5ive? well, they too sing 'we will rock you'!! while, " Aaaah Taufik oooh Taufik " he's a wannabe.. can't people see? yes, he could be "singing" well.. but the way he dresses up, you could see, he just copies what Usher wears.. So for the last time in this entry.. "SLY" IS A ROCK POSER AND TAUFIK BATISAH IS A WANNABE!!!

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Friday, March 18, 2005
nuthing to do!!

Yes!!! At last, at your freaking faces, primary/ secondary skool students!! it's the big boy's holidays! well, it is the holidays, but i still do hv to go to my nite classes.. and i do hv plans for the holidays.. i hv a 2 day leadership camp at buona vista.. den on thursdae, i will be going to penin to buy myself Gods Of Metal 2!! shocking ain't it? no? ok.. den, i'll be going to the movies with me cuzzin at orchard cineleisure.. after that i'll be going home.. hehehe... ah.. enjoying my holidays without any immature people (get a life!)/ culture posers ( fuck them upside down!)/ mat reps (who tink they are big  but in real life they just hv small balls, ahahaha)  or minah reps ( who tink they are so beee- u- tee- fool!!) in primary/ secondary.. well, 2 dae, i accompany my fren,wan, to see his gerl at bugis! not that i'm complaining but i get bored easily as his gerl brought  a couple of frens, and none of them seemed to know i am there!! so i just bring out my Mp3 player, and hear whatever songs in it, just to pass the time..  well, my frens gerl, seems to be quite shy, she doesn't spoke much, and wan started to get quite agitated, i try to calm him down though as 2dae seemed to be his unlucky day... i will not give any details to his unlucky day though.. well, after his gerl went to skool for her CCA, we went to the Jurong Library and then we went home..

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Thursday, March 17, 2005
to fall in love or forget it?

i just watched 'chase' at channel 5, well, it just brought me back avid memories of rejection by gerls.. for once, it is a show i can relate to except that it is in a workplace and mine is at school.. since i joined ITE, there are gerls that i wanna 'have'.. but because of this show, i started to tink twice.. whether to 'chase' them or just wait till i work.. two of frens now are hving gerlfrens.. and i felt like i want one too..but bcos of my commitments to O levels and ITE.. how am i gonna hv time to get one? nowadays, i felt like a strong liking of somebody in my class, but i can't tell who, in case one of my frens suddenly come across this blog, and then i'm gonna be dead... as for my secret crush wit someone in SC, well, i felt that she ain't the rite type for me..

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Saturday, March 05, 2005
sori!! so veri2 sori!!

OK now, i apologise for not writing this damn blog for a long time.. my reason? well, i am now a private O level student studying english, maths , science and malay during the nite.. sound tiring rite, well, it is tiring.. but it will worth it once i get my O level cert.. well, in ITE, I joined 2 cca, guitar club and student council.. want to join soccer, but bcos of my hectic schedule, i had to postponed on joining the cca next year.. i still do go to my old secondary skool cos i study malay there once every week on friday( the reason i can't soccer this year).. still meet my friends from my secondary skool, though some are unable to make contact...hehehe... well, i would like to wish all whom i know good luck in whatever you're doing!!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

gotten myself into ITE college west (bukit batok), a hellhole for gangsters... but there is glint of hope though.. i realise that if i didn't disturbed or confront them, they are quite harmless.. they are more like a snake, if you didn't threaten them, they will not bite you... that sorta thing..well, i am in the electronics course.. and i guess i am gonna still be competing in the O level race against my frens and my 2 cousins and 1 niece...

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