Why is it that anything great that comes in my life always gets taken away????

Friday, December 17, 2004
D-Day part 2

Got my results, i passed all but art.. even so, i can't get to sec 5!! Argh!! Fuck!! got 12 points in total..
most of my frens are going to ITE, well, i had no choice but to follow them.. some like Ju, Fadzil, and Taufiq got 10 points and are going to sec 5.. :(

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D-Day!! part 1

haiz... today is the 17th of december 2004.. and it is D-Day for me as i will be taking my N level results.. it is just 10:34 am.. and my heart is already beating very hard and very fast.. nervous? maybe.. scared? just a lil bit.. well.. i hope i'll be making to sec 5 or if i didn't, then i could go ITE and maybe take on the automobile courses or IT-related courses.. but the problem is i didn't know which ITE to go to.. wanna go ITE college East but very far... haiz..

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

- courus of Graduation(friends 4ever) by Vitamin C

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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Come What May, For I Will Be Prepared For Anything!!

before i write anything else, i would like to say sori to all for not writing for the past month.. it's just that i'm taking a break during the fasting month.. well, hari raya had come and it's money collection time for most kids and  money lost for most parents or adults.. hehe.. i had fun even though i had to wait at the tuas second link for almost 2 hours.. now, i just want to answer back to vyruz19... who the fuck are you? and what comment did i wrote about vyrus? i already know their plans of getting rid of me from vyrus for the past 3-4 months, i already said i dun wanna buy the new jersey, but i dunno suddenly Syam insist of me buying the jersey when syam, izwan and me were in a bus home from skool.. i replied "TENGOK DULU AH"( look first).. well, for the threat on the next training, i would like to say COME WHAT MAY, FOR I WILL BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING cos if something happens then i will noe who is vyruz19 and your identity will be revealed.. as for the comment of pEnG, all i can say is.. think before you write!! how in the world could you bite hair? well, as for freedom.. i hv all the freedom i want.. i hv the best parents i could ever wish for.. i already hv the freedom to leave my home and hv fun with my frens, i hv the freedom to watch tv, play computer games.. so let me ask you back do you hv the freedom to hv fun with ur frens when you are working under the hot sun?yes, you might be getting paid, while i rely on my parents for money.. who doesn't? try asking some of your frens whether they hv jobs, secondly, if you are dissing me for relying on my parents, you are dissing yourself too, cos without relying on them, you won't be hving electricity, water, food and shelter cos ur pay weren't even enuf for all of those!!... so i said again.. think before you write,dammit..

gentle note: i might sound as if i'm some kind of a big shot, the truth is, i'm not.. i'm just angry and felt pity to answer back to such stupid and childish comments by immatured people who tinks they are already too matured for others..

:unknown people who tag my tagboard and diss me will be deleted daily.. so if you wanna waste ur time trying to diss me, go ahead..

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Saturday, September 25, 2004
getting them to find out my blog...

today, i let them check out my blog... yes dis blog... and do you know what i get? some stupid, idiotic fucking comments from 2 guys...1)a boy who still doesn't want to mature and still thinks he is some bigshot who thinks the world owes him something and 2)a teenager who although criticises people, still befriends them...i've got no problem with the guy no. 2...but the boy(1) is very annoying and idiotic at times...he thinks he can fight well, actually, me and my nephew had sparred with him once, and he fighting style is pathetic...just kick everywhere uselessly everytime he is losing, how pathetic is that huh?even a 5-year-old child could do that right?well, my nephew got to bring him down a couple of times and he could even teach him how to kick correctly!!! imagine a no-good fighter teaching someone who had brought him down a few times!! watsup with that? well... he likes saying other people stupid, well, i would like to say, if u are so clever, why didn't u go to express stream and if the people in the express stream is still stupid for your intellect, then go ahead to the special stream, and if that sin't enuf, opt for the gifted stream...let's see how clever u are in this streams... so what if i dun like eating vegetables, as long as eat fruits, it's ok rite? which is more worst? doesn't eat vegetables or doens't go to a dentist? at least i have an alternative of eating fruits than only relying on toothbrushes and floss(that is if do it rite?) to clean the teeth...hey, u might tink he could not afford it rite? yes he couldn't afford it, but there's a free dentist check-up in skool, yet he didn't want to go... and oh, when playing soccer, don't rely on him to score a lot of goals, cos his shot is weak, he couldn't dribble properly and one body-push(if your physique is big) could send him to the ground... yes, i had been thrown off by mohsin and adib,(he laughed whenever i fell down trying to body-push them) first of all, mohsin caught me by surprise, thus, getting fallen off, and for God's sake, adib is freakingly big, even he couldn't challenge him on body-push yet he was laughing at me for it...he once says and i quote "eh kalo takut kene tolak, jgn main bola lah", i once push him during a street soccer bout in skool, and he was babbling that pushed him lah, dis and dat lah...i said sorry but in my heart, i said " kate kalo main bola, expect kene tolak, aku tolak die sikit je, da mcm gini, talk mcm bigshot, tau pun ape aku rase mase lwn mubarak, kene tolak.." that's why i said he acts like a bigshot with nothing but realli long, stupid and pointless sayings of his...btw, there is a somekind of joke involving his walking his style, you could imagine, a person walking stoop low with his legs tightly bend with his pants quite short, and his arms swinging a lil like a gangster? i could laugh myself crazy imagining it right now!!hahaha!!!

I won't cast the first stone
or leave the first mark
but I will leave a lasting impression
you beleive what you want
and you said what's been said
and i do hope you learn a lesson

what's your problem
can't you see it
and you go and blow it
like everyone knows you will

-a song called "failure's not flattering" by New Found Glory

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Thursday, September 23, 2004
power to the dickheads!!

trying to d/l: mcfly songs
hearing 2: himalaya - junaidah 365 and maroon 5 - she will be loved

hiya guys, been a long time since i write in...been bz these days... first of all, i've just finished my prelims, and throughout the prelims, i missed 'her' because i nvr get to see her... but now i can get to see her often, hehehe(i'm trying to find out what kind of perfume she's wearing)...and i'm on the verge of madness...no really...it's the truth...i was just sitting on the couch when my mind suddenly went blank...i don't know how, and why...it just shuts down for awhile but even when brain went blank i could still pick up the remote and change channels... weird eh? well, i think i've gotten a hyperactive bladder, always hv the need to go to the toilet for a piss, which annoyed me very much...just a found a new tune but still trying to construct a whole song and lyrics... other than sleeping very late till morning , there's nothing quite exciting though...
hmm...i dunno what's funny? them getting busted for something they've done or me being laughed at for no obvious reason? well.. whichever is funnier... it doesn't matter, hv fun now, while it lasts...
ps: could somebody help me eliminate some dickheads?

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
my left ankle is hurt this morning by unknown forces!!

Listening to: "the day that i die" - good chalotte
singing to: a song i wrote " what's your reason?"

today, the whole skool is having a cross country though some of us were not looking forward to it.. today's cross country is different from the previous 2-3 cross country, the same route but in reverse..
we al had to wear our house t-shirts, then i saw her, wow, she is very beautiful... well, i like i said in the previous blog, i noe that we can't make out...most of my frens plan to be behind the pack and walk all the way...  at first we were walking together... then i realised, why should i be with them, walking very slowly like snails and tortoise, i could even imagine that the slowest animal in the world, the tree-toed sloth could overtake them easily... i slowly walked at my own pace... slowly, i managed to walk almost 1 or 2 kilometres ahead of them... although they could be having fun at the back, they won't be hving fun later bcos of the N/O levels... after the "race", nazrul and me went home while the rest of the guys went to azuan's home to shoot a video... a crappy video i think... hahaha... whatever lah u guys... have fun now... hahahaha

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Monday, August 30, 2004
pleased to defeat you!!!

i think i have a crush on somebody but dare not tell her name cos for sure i noe it wouldn't work out... first of all, she is older than me... God, why do you always put me in this position? (sigh) today, i think is my luckiest or my best day ever cos none of frens criticise me!!!( i dunno for how long they'll keep this up)...only God knows why they didn't criticise me today and today the malay students of 4NA had to stay back till 2pm, all bcos of a class/common test which had to be finished at exactly an hour and a half... and guess what, i finished it half of the time given, after checking through the papers, the guys who had finished earlier, started to get bored and talked loudly at the back...luckily, i finished the test fast, if not, i cannot concentrate on finding the answers. For the timne being, i'm trying to brush up my malay cos i am starting to get english-minded... i am english-minded and can write english well but can't speak english properly while i can speak malay properly but can't write the language properly... and yet, the govt. wanted us to be bilingual, well, i can speak malay and english for sure, i also can speak a lil bit of french, dutch, chinese and arabic... so that means i'm... erm... what do call i person who can speak 6 language? i dunno... :P

"champione!! champione!! sing out for the champions!! sing out for the champions!!"
- a part of a song(i only take when they are singing 'champions') named 'song for the champions' sung by the very own Manchester United Squad of 1998/1999(i think)

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Monday, August 09, 2004
Happy 39th b'dae Singapore!!

Hooray!! it's Singapore's 39th birthday!!! Singapore had a been through a lot of problems and difficulties but she managed to overcome it one by one and it is quite emotional to see Mr Goh Chok Tong step down as prime minister of 14 years since 28 November 1990 when he was sworn in, he had done a lot of good things to Singapore as a prime minister taking Singapore to greater heights. Making Singapore as a well-known country to the world even though it is small in size. I must say even though it is stressful living in Singapore as money here is everything but it doesn't matter when people were able to fulfill their dreams here, and not elsewhere.and it is also good to see Singapore's economy is turning out good to 9%, so i just hope that my parents get a bonus and maybe eat out for once.. hehehe-> :P 

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
lyrics for the song

Singled out by new found glory

I figured all the years we shared were proof enough
to extend my hand and help you
I know that getting started can be rough
Enthused smile, you seemed grateful
I felt real good about myself
That's until the day you showed me
You dont need anybody else...

Why'd you have to go?
And make me say these things about you
Why'd you have to turn around?
After all that we've been through

I figured all the memories were proof enough
To maybe open your eyes
>From the people you think hold your trust
Do you ever smile and find it shameful
'Cause you don't know who you are?
I am glad you never told me...
You dont need anybody else

What will you do
when there's no one to fall back on?
I won't be there
I've learned my lesson
What will you do when there are no friends to fall back on?
Because they've all been stepped on

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Monday, July 26, 2004
a very tiring day!!

syiok hearing to: dashboard confessionals - vindicated 

aiya... stupid CIP hours... must do flag day on a saturday after a common test in skool.... so tiring... went to jp around 11.45,meet up with friends at around 11.55, pick up the donation plastic thingy at around 12.15/12.20... went inside jp for a while for toilet break then boarded bus 198 to clementi(we were supposed to do the donation only at jp/boon lay mrt/jurong west shopping centre)where we had our lunch.. mohsin, ju and mohsin had chicken rice, raidah had fried noodles( and it smells nice, which makes me hungry at the thought of it), syam wanna eat chicken briyani( i think) but his order nvr seemed to come... azuan and me nvr eat except drinking the drink we ordered.. after that we went to clementi mrt where we met some of our frens whom we were unhappy to see there, as we had planned to go there in the first place...after being annoyed at them, raidah and me went to the other side of the mrt where we meet our fierce rival, a geeky chinese fella from fuhua sec, every we went, he was sure to be there... so we went up to the bridge where we cut any links to another chinese fella.. there we met a few weird people but i dun wanna describe it as it will be sinful and it might become a part of me someday.... so after around 4.00 pm, we went back to jp, to return the damn donation plastic thingy, after saying gdbyes to my frens and talking for a while to 2 gerls, i went back home.. watch john doe, disney buzz, and treasure planet...

i guess i'm just a loser with nothing else to lose
guys who discriminate me are my so called friends
- a verse from a song i wrote called "running away"

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