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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Stressed O lvl takers? who is more stressed? me or you?

You know, i've heard almost everywhere.. 'oh, man, i've failed my math! i hv so much stress!! feel like jumping down!!' by O/N lvl students from secondary school.. well, for a bunch of teenagers who are "trying very hard" to keep focus on secondary school, u guys just sucked bad! My private O level classes, are the ones who doesn't hv much time, and much knowledge, are better than you guys.. yes we only have one session per week for 2.5 hours.. do you tink it's enuf for you guys who hv a whole week to ask ur teachers, get familiarise the formulas, yet you guys are the ones who are feeling stressed out.. i just can't help it but to criticise those who feel that they lead a stressful secondary life.. my class is full of people who are working... from a kindergarten teacher to a poly student... me and a few others are the youngest in class.. yet, i didn't hear them whining about stress and all those crap that you guys gave excuses to yourselves, it just goes to show that secondary students like to excuse themselves from thinking outside the box.. i heard from my niece that her fren has been feeling stressful.. i just happily told her, tell that fren of hers or anybody who tinks that they have a stressful life about me.. i have my ITE studies and my private O level classes to attend to.. plus i hv my CCAs which takes up most of my spare time and i still hangs out with my frens & family.. so there should be no excuse for O/N lvl students to feel stressful than me...

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